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Why 21 and over?

This was not an easy decision and I realize that this will not be popular with some but after much thought and the council of many regulars here at the brewery I have decided that our 21+ policy enacted during the covid pandemic will remain a permanent policy.

I realize that many of you out there have well behaved children, but to a growing majority of parents the brewery has become a giant daycare center with parents taking no personal responsibility for their children running around, jumping on tables, corn hole boards, causing damage and getting underfoot of staff and other customers, and the list goes on.

I agree that this is unfair for those of you that do take responsibility for your children, keeping them with you and spending time with them but unfortunately you are in the minority.

Another reason for this decision is a growing number of underage drinkers. Almost every weekend now we catch someone under 21 trying to sneak drinks off their 21 year old friends You may have noticed the new fencing and barricades going up around the beer garden? This is so we can control who is entering the beer garden and make sure everyone is of legal drinking age.

With the in mind we will be instituting another policy of checking ID's of everyone coming through the door who is under 30 years of age. Going forward on busy nights and, at the discretion of management people under the age of 30 may be issued a wrist band and must wear at all times whether drinking or not.

Like I said, I know some of you won't be happy about these changes but the overwhelming majority of regulars I have spoken to about this agree this is good policy for the brewery, even the ones with kids.

Hopefully those of you not happy about the policy will try and see it from my point of view and not just get outraged and write some nasty comment. For those of you that will no doubt state that you will never come here while this policy is in force, I promise you the number of people that have complained to me over the last two years about the kids running wild or running through their game of corn hole while they try to relax and play is far higher.

This was not an easy decision, but a necessary one. Please understand and I look forward to seeing you in the beer garden.

Cheers, Dave

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