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On Tap

Gentle on my Mind - NEIPA 

Juicy, hazy with Citra, Azacca and Amarillo hops

6.2% 0 IBU

Duffer Lager - Pilsner

A crisp and slightly fruity flavor, soft and delicate. 

4.7%  18 IBU


Eradicator - Dopplebock 

Clean, smooth and slightly sweet with very little hop bitterness. The finish is medium-full and very smooth, with some alcohol warmth in the finish.

9.0% 17 IBU 


Winter Flussbier - German Altbier

Slightly malty with a smooth finish.

 5.7%  30 IBU


Amarillo Sky - DIPA 

Hints of cantaloupe and pine with nice bite.

8.1% 84 IBU


Doofus Juice - Dry Hopped Sour

Juicy with a light sour bite.

6.0%  0 IBU

Willie Make It - Hazy Pale $8.00

Juicy, hazy with with Nelson hops from New Zealand

5.2% 0 IBU


Wheatan Greetan - Wheat Beer

Nice hoppy wheat beer.

5.9%  29 IBU

Sacred Grounds - Coffee Porter 

Well balanced with hint of coffee and notes of chocolate

5.6%  37 IBU

Sweater Weather - Oatmeal Stout

Creamy with notes of chocolate.

5.9%  29 IBU

Remedy - Imperial Stou

Huge juicy hazy goodness  8.5%  0 IBU


Can Pours


Cider Doughnut Amber - Amber Ale 

5.2%  20 IBU

Coming Soon

Less Gentle - DIPA $8.50

Huge juicy hazy goodness  8.5%  0 IBU